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The Metal Tools’ Market- Where It’s Heading,

The First  wisdom of the crowd based survey in the Metal cutting tools industry,

In the last few years we see rapid changes in the field of cutting tools.

More and more companies from the Far East and China enter the market.  In addition, many large manufacturers of metal parts such as Boeing publish that they produce parts by using 3D printers and companies such as Sandvik invest in 3D printing software.

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Moreover, online purchasing is increasingly becoming a main channel through which companies purchase their tools, especially, nowadays when it is possible to reach almost all manufactures and products via online shops even manufacturers that until now there was a limited access to their products.

It is also possible today to buy cutting tools at retail stores such as, “Walmart”

Another trend in the metal tools’ field is collaborations between machine manufacturers companies and tool manufacturers companies for providing turnkey projects.

In addition, one very important tool that is being increasingly used is price comparison sites such as Wisercut that among its tools to decide where the market is is going, uses the wisdom of the crowd, a tool that is lately being recognized as one of the most effective ways to understand where the market is heading, In order to do so Wisercut publishes surveys such as the following:

What do you think will set the tone in the cutting tool field in the next few years?

  1. Decrease in prices due to increase in competition. ( 1-10)
  2. 3D printing of Metal Parts ( 1-10)
  3. Online shopping Market place for Cutting Tolls ( 1-10)
  4. Artificial intelligence that will be used in Cad-cam system that would allow optimization of process conditions. ( 1-10)
  5. The entrance of more companies to the field and making their products more accessible-( 1-10)

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With all the new advances in this field it is sometimes hard for a company to decide which direction to choose especially when it often involves investment of large sums of money.

In order to see where the market is going, register to WISERCUT to get the results, so that you too can benefit from the wisdom of the crowd,

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Etay Sharabi


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